Preservation of Folk Heritage

Promotion and preservation of the rich and secular folk heritage of West Bengal has been one of Marfat’s key endeavours since its inception. The society was responsible for organising Baul-Fakir Utsav – a 2-day festival of Baul and Fakiri tradition of folk music – in Kolkata from 2004 to 2007. The festival offered a platform to over 100 Baul and Fakiri singers from the districts of Murshidabad, Birbhum and Nadia to showcase their musical talents. The Utsav has seen attendances of over 3000 people each year. As a part of the programme Marfat has build-up an archive of over 300 such songs and has released 3 Audio CDs containing a selection of songs performed at the Baul-Fakir Utsav. The Baul-Fakir Utsav has received wide coverage in the local press and has become a part of the cultural calendar of the city of Kolkata.

Since 2008, Marfat has handed over responsibility to and has become a part of the Baul-Fakir Utsav Committee – an umbrella organisation consisting of societies and individual lovers/connoisseurs of Baul-Fakir music – to give a larger dimension and perspective to the Baul-Fakir Utsav. In 2017 this group was registered as a Trust.