Collaboration & Cooperation


Marfat is a founder member of National Forum for Bidi Workers, which came into being in 2017 during a National Consultation on Concerns of Beedi Workers. Other partners are from Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi. Currently there is a road map for initiating capacity building and leadership development among the tobacco and bidi workers in various states. The main agenda of this forum is to develop a strategic plan for advocating for the welfare, dignity and justice for the communities involved in the informal sector of Beedi rolling, especially women and children. We found the key concerns of bidi workers are (but not limited to) labour, livelihood, health, social security and gender based exploitation.

West Bengal

Marfat, a State Secretariat Member of West Bengal Education Network & Right to Education Network, advocates for improvement in teaching and learning outcomes. This Network operates in 10 Districts of West Bengal.


Marfat , an active member of District NGO Forum (Murshidabad) , a platform for collective action of CSOs and maintaining linkage – coordination with district administration and govt. departments.