Capacity Building

Marfat provides consultancy and training to Govt. Departments and NGOs especially on issues related to local governance, pubic health,education and social communication. Marfat works very closely with Social Welfare department for ICDS (preschool education, nutrition) and Shelter for Distressed children. Marfat also works as a resource organisation and provides training and orientation to local ICDS workers from time to time.

Marfat is a Key Resource organisation for ICDS department for Early Childhood Education and Kishori Shakti Yojana

Additionally, Marfat supports Health Department for functioning of 3 Subcentres Jangipur, mainly for community mobilisation, health camps, routine immunisation and antenatal check-ups.

Marfat has provided training to leading NGOs on Community Based Health Management for poor urban slum dwellers and victims of eviction.

Marfat provides training on role of Gram Panchayats on matters involving public health in general and women’s and children’s health.