What We Do

Marfat intervenes at crucial stages of these children’s lives. For children of 0-6 age Marfat runs community based Creche, where the bidi labourers (women) send their children while they are working. The children stay away from bidi dust, get early childhood care, nutrition screening support and occasional referral to nearest Health Centre. 

Marfat runs 2 community crèches for 50 children (2-5 years) of bidi labourers in Dhuliyan Municipality

Marfat provides extra education and extracurricular support to children between the age of 6 – 14, who are laggard and have dropped out of study (not school). Marfat helps them back to school and motivate them to continue education and enrich them with extracurricular activities. 

Marfat provides Education Support, Cultural & Sporting Opportunity for 500 children (6-14 years) in Dhuliyan Municipality, every year.

Marfat provides life skills and vocational training to the youth (14-24), adult literacy in case they missed schooling, career orientation and expose them to livelihood opportunities.

In 2018 Marfat Gave Life skill and vocational training to 300 (15 – 24) Kanyashree Beneficiaries in Jangipur Subdivision

Marfat provides School Enrolment Support to 5 Govt. Schools in Samshergunj Block, in Jangipur

Marfat operates as Childline 1098 Sub Centre for Jangipur Subdivision (6 Blocks)

Marfat has initiated Leadership Development Training for Bidi Rolling Women of Jangipur Subdivision

Marfat engages in Community Mobilization, Awareness Generation, specially among mothers & families. Marfat works for screening, supporting and monitoring out of school children through building and sustaining community institutions like SMC, VLCPC

To bind it all together, Marfat works with the Departments of Education, Labour, Health and Social Welfare and local administration – collaborating, campaigning and advising on critical issues. Marfat’s staff are recognized trainers for all the local Govt. offices and NGOs on the above issues.

Marfat is a Resource NGO for KSY, DCPU, ICDS, Education Dept., Labour Dept., District Administration – for Child Nutrition, Pre School Education and Child Right & Protection, Livelihood, Primary Education – provided Systemic Support to Health (3 Sub Centres), ICDS (Model ICDS Centres– 6), Education (5 Schools, including school health)