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Education is the foundation of a person’s development as it increases one's awareness of life, appropriate social behaviour, earn livelihood and evolve as a better citizen. Marfat works with primary schools, training institutes and runs community based supplementary education programmes to reach laggard and drop out children to send them back to formal schools. Special emphasis is given to educating girls. Marfat also provides these children extracurricular support for cultural activities and sports.

Primary education trends in India strongly hints at deficient age specific education outcomes. Although the enrolment rates are quite high at 90% plus, but since there is no evaluation system at the primary level, students automatically get promoted even if their learning levels are staggering.

Marfat runs a community based supplementary education programme, through intermediary study centres, to bring these children (aged 7 – 14 years) back to school to get age appropriate education through existing state funded primary schools. Marfat provides additional extracurricular support to these children.

Marfat helped children enrol in Primary School children of pre-primary to Class IV level through additional study support in 3 child study centres.

Encouraged by the results of the work Marfat has decided to extend its services to 13 Wards of Dhuliyan. In this context Marfat conducted a rapid screening of children from these wards and identified 750 children aged between 7 – 10 years. Although mostly enrolled in school, these children rarely go to school. Marfat studied their reading, writing abilities and these children were found to be severely lagging in terms of age specific learning. We have signed an MOU with Rotary India Literacy Mission to cater to these children in the months to come.

Marfat advocates the children’s Right to Education (RtE Act 2009) in the community and work with the schools to maintain minimum RtE compliance and better learning outcomes. As part of the West Bengal Education Network (WBEN) Marfat has conducted a situation analysis of the RtE compliance in 8 schools of Samshergunje Block. As a follow-up to the children coming to Marfat’s study centres Marfat has kept a close linkage with the local primary schools.