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Marfat provides consultancy and training to other NGOs especially on issues related to local governance, pubic health and social communication. It has provided training to workers of Lutheran World Service, Kolkata on Community Based Health Management for poor urban slum dwellers and victims of eviction. It also provided training on role of Gram Panchayats on matters involving public health in general and women’s and children’s health in particular to members and volunteers of Loka Kalyan Parishad (LKP) and its associate CSOs and CBOs. The organisation also developed a comprehensive illustrated diary describing the role and responsibilities of the Gram Panchayats in matters related to public health for CARE India under a USAID funded project. Marfat also acted as agency responsible for field research and report preparation of a comprehensive Needs Assessment Study of the Public Health Delivery System in Jangipur Subdivision of Murshidabad district for Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP), New Delhi. The organisation has also made several videos on developmental activities of SHGs and Gram Panchayats in Birbhum district for LKP.

As a member of the Murshidabad District NGO forum, Marfat has conducted training sessions on pubic health, capacity building of Gram Panchayats and social communication for its fellow member associations. Marfat also trained some NGOs in using an easy-to-use Bengali freeware. Marfat is also an active member of West Bengal Education Network (WBEN) – a network involved in issues related to education from a rights perspective – and has provided consultancy on education of child-labourers.