Children of Dhuliyan


In this section we are uploading articles on subjects and issues related to Marfat's activities and areas of interest. The articles are in .pdf format. Marfat encourages further use / dissemination of these articles but expects prior intimation / permission and acknowledgement in case of use of excerpts from these write-ups.

Ki Sandhane Jai: Singer, writer and music researcher Moushumi Bhowmik in this free-wheelin' piece, written in Bengali, discusses her association with and journeys into the world of Baul-Fakiri music and tradition. The article first appeared in the Souvenir published on the occassion of 3rd Baul Fakir Utsav held in 2008 at Jadavpur, Kolkata, organised by Marfat.

Health, Technology and Sustainable Development: In this research paper presented earlier at Seminar organised by University Grants Commission in 2007, Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya attempts to address some 'rudimentary questions' regarding the complex inter-relationship between these three concepts within the context of Indian way of knowing.

Behind the Smokescreen:Study on Child Labour in Bidi Industry and Other Occupations in Dhuliyan Municipality : A comprehensive study containing quantitative data and qualitative analysis of the rampant employment of children in hazardous manual bidi rolling and other occupations.The study covers 1750 households (more than 10% of all households in Dhuliyan) and contains extensive data on the reasons behind, the social-economic and cultural implications this major violation of child rights.

Behind the Smokescreen (Executive Summary): Highlights/ main features of the study.